What we offer?
Besides essential elements like a solid theoretic background, professionalism and determination, we offer time and attention for understanding the legal issues and finding quick and pragmatical solutions. Our receptiveness and ability to identify the best solutions, can be the advantage of any case.

We offer our experience and knowledge for the day to day activity of your company, but also for complex matters or with major impact in your activity, in the following legal domains:

Every new business needs support in the set up process, starting with drafting of the necessary documents, according to the legal provisions, up to structuring the company to be set up, regulation of the management and registration of the company with the competent authorities.

Our lawyers offer support and competent advice in classical problems of corporate law, but also in complex issues that might occur during the activity of your company like: expansion of your company by aquisition of third legal entities or shares in such companies; mergers with companies from the same business sector; structuring and implementation of joint venture agreements; shareholder agreements/conventions etc.

Structuring and implementation of real estate transaction of whatever nature most of the time requires a complex planning, starting with assessment on the opportunity of the investment, structure of the project and up to the implementation phase. The extensive experience of our lawyers in major projects is a guarantee for innovative and tailored solutions for your transaction. We offer you legal advice in all aspects of real estate transactions: due diligence procedures and reports; drafting and structuring sale puchase agreements, construction agreements, real estate development contracts etc.; verification and securization of eventual risks arising from documents of construction law (permits, authorisations etc.); negotiation and conclusion of contracts; post-aquisition support for implementation of the project.

Regardless of the nature of labor law questions, whether we refer to drafting and negotiating individual or collective labor contracts, assessment on observance of the labor law regulations, drafting of internal regulations and/or procedures, individual or collective dismissals or to restructuring of the existing positions, is a rigorous approach of these issues of utmost importance for a good development of the company. We offer you optimum and efficient solutions for any labor law problem in your company, regardless if it concerns Romanian citizens or residents of other states.

For a safe day to day business of your company, we offer legal advice at a high qualitative level in the field of commercial law, for issues like: drafting, structuring and negotiation of the commercial contracts; consultancy with respect to national legal provisions in the field of marketing of certain products, consumer protection; framework agreements; distribution and franchise agreements.

In case your company activates in the IT business, we offer a large scale of legal advice in this field: structuring and negotiation of IT service agreements (sale of software products, cloud services, IT-outsourcing, hybrid archiving services, partnership contracts with international entities for sale of integrated services like SPLA, SaaS, IaaS etc.). Moreover, our lawyers specialised in intelectual property and data protection, can offer you competent support with respect to registration and protection of IP rights and/or industrial rights, management of the IP portofolio of the company etc.

No matter if your company intends to aquire a participation in an already existing company or if you deal with problems of merger control, strategies for bringing certain products to the market, the provisions of competition law are of high importance in the activity of a company. Our lawyers with a significant experience in this field will be a reliable partner for avoiding critical situations from the perspective of competition law.


The growth of a company and the development of various business areas, leads to the risk of exposure to situations of breaking the law and to problems of disregarding certain compliance rules, either of legal or contractual nature. Such situations can lead to sanctions, penalties, significant fines and eventual long and expensive disputes. In order to avoid such situations, we have a dedicated team at your disposal, that is capable to conceive for our clients tailored business ethics and compliance programmes.

One of the most actual and important legal situation that implies also legal and natural persons, is insolvency. The financial crisis in the last years has lead to an intense struggle for financial resources, so that we are aware that litigations concerning insolvency, are of a high importance for creditors, as well as for debtors. Our experience gathered in insolvency and bankruptcy procedures regarding national and local companies, in insolvency litigations with a value exceeding 20 Mio. Euro is relevant for both the litigation activity and the consultancy work, regardless if the company is in the phase of insolvency, reorganisation or bankruptcy.

Legal assistance in the pre-litigation phase and represantation in front of the competent courts, is one of our core areas of activity. Our lawyers have an extensive experience gained over more than 12 years of representation in front of the Romanian courts of legal and natural persons in litigations regarding: civil and commercial law, consumer law, fiscal and banking law, public procurement etc. The outstanding proffessional competence, our involvement and determination for analysing and solving your legal problems, but also our flexibility, are the ingredients for a successful cooperation, completed by the achievement of the result expected by the client.

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