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This website (hereinafter referred to as “site”, “website”) is administered and represents the property of Galu & Asociaţii S.C.A, hereinafter, “the Company”, “we”, etc., with registered office in Bucharest, V. Braniste str., no. 56, bl. A, sc. A, ap. 9, sector 3, respectively secondary office in Timișoara, FRUCTUS PLAZA, Gh. Lazar str., nr. 24, 3rd floor, SAD 23, Timiș county.


Use of this site is subjected to the acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions detailed below. In order to have an optimal experience analyzing the services presented on our website, we recommend that you carefully analyze the terms and conditions of use of the web page galu-partners.ro/.


We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions set forth below without prior notice to users. However, you, as a User, will have permanent access to the site’s terms and conditions of use by accessing the “Terms and Conditions” section at any time.



  1. General aspects regarding the use of the galu-partners.ro/ website.


By using the website galu-partners.ro/, you will have access to a series of general information regarding the Galu & Partners team, the legal services offered, the activities of our company in the legal field, the aspects that distinguish us in legal practice, as well as the articles of specialty published by our team regarding various news and legal comments in the national and international legislative field.


The information published on this website does not represent a legal opinion, cannot be considered by Users as legal arguments with concrete or general applicability in legal practice, nor can they constitute a substitute for targeted legal advice for specific situations or aspects in the legal field.


If you need specific legal advice, we recommend that you contact our team in order to provide an informed opinion on the concrete situation, the existing supporting documents and the legal provisions applicable to your case.


  1. Use and Restrictions


This website is an information page that provides Users with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Galu & Partners team and the Company’s practical services in the legal field. The information provided on this page is in most cases the exclusive property of Galu si Asociaţii S.C.A. To the extent that the communicated data do not constitute our property, this aspect will be expressly stated, with the mention of the copyright specific to the rightful owner.


By using this website and implicitly accepting the terms and conditions set forth, you confirm that you have read and agree that all the information and materials displayed on the galu-partners.ro/ page are the exclusive property of Galu si Asociaţii S.C.A.


As a generally applicable rule, you have no right to use, reproduce, copy, print, modify, sell or distribute the published materials in any way, without the express written approval of Galu si Asociaţii S.C.A. Equally, you have no right to use the informational materials on the site to obtain or create other derivative materials without the prior approval of our team.


By way of exception, the materials published on our website may be copied, printed or distributed, but in no case modified, strictly and exclusively with cumulative compliance with the conditions below:

  • the purpose pursued is informational and does not aim at obtaining commercial benefits of any kind;
  • any copy used or distributed in this sense includes information regarding the copyright of Galu si Asociaţii S.C.A, as well as any other information associated with the content used.


Also, as a User, you will have the right to study the information presented strictly for informational purposes and therefore you will not have the right, under any circumstances, to copy or use in an unauthorized manner any data regarding the software, the technological and IT processes and encryption techniques used by this site.


At the same time, you have been informed and you agree that you do not have the right to use the name Galu & Asociaţii, Galu & Partners, brands, logos, emblems, texts, graphics, logo, icon, images, as well as any distinctive signs used by company, in absolutely no form, regardless of whether it is oral, written, electronic or any other form of communication, in press releases, advertising, marketing or promotional materials or on any other platform, regardless of the intended purpose, unless you have obtained the express approval of Galu si Asociatii S.C.A.


  • Limitation of liability


The Company assumes no responsibility for the information, documents and materials that you communicate through the use of the web page. Therefore, users assume the exclusive responsibility that any data transmitted to the Company through the site complies with the specific legislation in force, intellectual property rights and any other rights of the Company and of the third parties involved, does not contain erroneous information and is not affected by viruses or other errors that may cause damage to the Company.


Also, to the extent that our page contains links to external websites and resources, we inform you that they are not the property of our Company and, therefore, we do not assume responsibility for the availability of these websites, advertising, materials, software -, services or information offered by these websites, nor for any damages caused, negative consequences on the User’s activity or any other moral and patrimonial damages caused or associated with the websites accessed. We are also not responsible for the operation or performance of the sites accessed through our website and in no event will we be liable if the content published by these sites infringes intellectual property rights or any other rights of the persons involved or of the Users.


  1. Processing of personal data


We hereby inform you that the security and confidentiality of your information is our Company’s top priority. As a result, we undertake to protect the confidentiality of all people who use our services and their personal information, both from the perspective of professional secrecy specific to the profession, and from the perspective of the General Data Protection Regulation. We also inform you that our collaborating partners have been informed of specific professional secrecy and are committed to respecting the confidentiality of personal data.


Data processing and use takes place in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the privacy policy published on the website. Further you will find more information about the use of your data in the privacy policy section.


  1. Contact


Users will have access to the contact data published on the Company’s website and will have the opportunity to send suggestions and comments through the contact form provided in the contact section.

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